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"Very few leasing agents have had thorough training in the negotiation of the leases they work on."

"Many attorneys try to negotiate lease agreements even though it is not their specialty."

"Simple mistakes in lease agreements can create ambiguities in the document that cloud the ability of the landlord to collect his rent."

"Those involved in the lease negotiations don't understand the impact that the marketplace has on those negotiations."

"The landlord and tenant are adversaries in the lease negotiation process."

"Good lease economics can be undermined by poor drafting of the lease document."


This one day Seminar will teach you:

  • How to evaluate the economics of a lease proposal from the Landlord's point of view and the Tenant's point of view
  • How the market helps to determine the true "market value" of a space
  • How a Landlord protects his right to collect rent
  • How to properly execute a lease agreement
  • How Operating Expense Pass Throughs and CAM charges work
  • How the market impacts what is negotiable in a standard lease
  • Different ways to obtain security from Tenants
  • How to avoid state usury laws
  • The most common errors in establishing lease terms
  • How to define "Base Rent"
  • About Cost of Living Increase clauses
  • About late-rent administrative charges
  • How to properly execute a commercial lease to be enforceable
  • About rentable versus useable square footage
  • How to calculate Common Area Factors

Workshops on Fundamental Lease Economics & Negotiations will include actual:

  • Lease Preambles
  • Leased Premises Clauses
  • Base Rent Provisions
  • Lease Term Clauses
  • Default Paragraphs
  • Attorneys' Lease Comments
  • Leasing Brokers' Lease Comments
  • Proper Execution of Leases


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