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"Many people do not understand the impact of insurance and risk management on their commercial real estate. They take a shotgun approach to cover their risks and end up paying too much and not getting the coverage they want."

"Most people buy insurance never realizing that the exclusions in the policies may negate theinsurance coverage they thought they were buying."

"The wrong time to find out what the exclusions in your policy are is when you have a loss."

"Professionals who sign leases and vendor contracts very often overlook the liability they are buying into in those contracts."

"In most companies, the administrator of the insurance policies has never read or analyzed the policies."

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

"A lot of real estate owners do not bid their insurance coverage properly because they don't know how to do it simply and without disputes arising."


 A hands-on intensive one day seminar that will teach you:

  • How to bid commercial real estate insurance coverage to obtain the most competitive bid!
  • How to analyze your insurance coverage to be sure you have the right coverage!
  • How to review certificates of insurance to spot invalid and fraudulent certificates!
  • How to determine your property's correct "insurable value"!
  • How to transfer risk to someone else and avoid it for yourself!
  • How the exclusions in your insurance policy can void your coverage!
  • To understand the insurance coverages you really need!

With actual case studies and lawsuits
to demonstrate the most important points!

Helpful forms used by the professionals to evaluate coverages and add new properties.
An informative review of lease agreements and vendor contract insurance provisions.

What is covered in the Seminar:

  • The economics of insurance and risk management on value and net operating income
  • How to insure against, transfer, and avoid risks
  • In depth review of two basic insurance policy types:
  • Commercial General Liability
    "All Risk " Property
  • Lessons learned from Hurricane Andrew
  • Analyzing the exclusions in these policies and how to insure against the exclusions
  • What is subrogation?
  • Who determines insurable value and how it is done
  • The dangers of co-insurance and how to avoid them
  • Determining the amount of insurance you need
  • Your duties in the event of a loss
  • Your duties and responsibilities when you have been "put on notice"
  • How to analyze your insurance policies
  • Determining the appropriate deductible for your insurance policies
  • How to properly bid your commercial insurance coverage with multiple agents
  • How to identify invalid and fraudulent Certificates of Insurance

Workshops on insurance and liability issues will include:

  • Actual liability lawsuit cases
  • Standard Vendor Contracts
  • Standard Lease Clauses
  • Reviewing actual Certificates of Insurance
  • Analyzing the offer of increased coverage by the National Flood Insurance Program


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