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"Residential agents refer their clients who have commercial needs to other brokers for a nominal referral fee rather than becoming trained in the field and handling the requirement themselves."

"Most tenant rep brokers have had no formal training in the duties they are attempting to perform."

"Most landlords and their leasing agents lack understanding of their negotiating position with tenant rep agents."

"Brokers employing tenant rep agents find themselves in lawsuits because their tenant rep agents fail to protect their right to be paid."

"Tenants unknowingly engage tenant rep brokers for services they never plan on and find themselves in the midst of lawsuits they never saw coming."

"The best way for a residential real estate broker to break into the commercial real estate field is by becoming a tenant rep agent."



This one day Seminar will teach you:

  • Tenant Representation strategies from the viewpoint of the Landlord, Tenant and Tenant Rep Agent
  • The benefits and drawbacks to Tenant Representation
  • The roles of Leasing Agents, Tenant Rep Agents, Attorneys and other professionals in the lease negotiations
  • How to protect each party from leasing commission disputes
  • How to negotiate the commission and payment policies and methods
  • Most common causes of Lawsuits
  • What establishes the Tenant Rep Agent’s right to be paid a commission
  • Landlord negotiating strategies with Tenant Rep Agents
  • How Landlords respond to Requests for Proposal
  • How to solicit a tenant representation client
  • How to properly register your clients with Leasing Agents and Landlords
  • How to prepare a Request for Proposal
  • Preparation of a Site Survey Report for clients
  • The drafting of the Letter of Intent
  • Negotiating with existing Landlords for lease renewals

Workshops on Tenant Representation will include actual:

  • Engagement of Services Letter
  • Prospect Registration Letters
  • Market Survey Studies
  • Commission Agreements
  • Letters of Intent
  • Commission Invoicing

All the basic documentation to engage the services of or become a tenant rep agent.


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