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GSA Transactions:  Paul was selected as one of only 5 instructors to train the Leasing Specialists and Lease Contracting Officers of the General Services Administration of the federal government and also the agencies that procure commercial space on their own.  He trains them in determining the space needs, conducting the space search, preparing the request for lease proposals (RLP), soliciting offers, negotiating the leases, awarding the leases and working through the construction process.  He is able to help property owners complete the myriad number of government forms to properly respond to RLPs.


Cost Segregation:  Paul’s training and experience in cost segregation gives him the ability to clearly explain the benefits of increased cash flow and income tax deferral that commercial real estate owners can legally take advantage of.  He wrote the Cost Segregation course for the Ward Center for Real Estate Studies which is a part of the educational programs of the CCIM Institute.  He utilizes the CCIM spreadsheets to demonstrate both the before tax and after tax improvements in the property’s internal rate of return (IRR).

Since 2003, Paul has served as a Senior Consultant and trainer helping commercial real estate owners to accelerate the depreciation on their properties to substantially increase cash flow on their properties while deferring income taxes.  Using tools he created and CCIM spreadsheets, he is able to show owners what the potential improved cash flow is and what the expenses of the cost segregation study will be before the investors have to commit to a contract.


Court Receiver:  Paul has served as a court appointed receiver more than 30 times for properties including office buildings, retail shopping centers, industrial properties, condo associations and multi-family properties.  His clients have included Metropolitan Life, Travelers, MONY, and many banks.  He takes over the property and records and stabilizes the property to preserve the income stream and to maintain the asset.


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