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From his experience in leading in-house training sessions for The Allen Morris Company’s 30 property managers and 56 commercial real estate brokers, he developed several commercial real estate courses to teach risk management, tenant representation, lease negotiations and lease economics. The courses include specific detailed examples and workshops to demonstrate the most important concepts. They also include sample forms, letters and spreadsheets.



  Paul is the Managing Director of KW Commercial in the Kendall office in Miami.  Since joining in 2007, he has been a top producer and leader of KW Commercial associates around the state of Florida.  He has been invited to conduct presentations at the annual Keller Williams convention speaking on distressed real estate and leasing space to the federal government.  He regularly leads training in KW Commercial offices around Florida.  



Paul has been a CPM® since 1978.  He serves as one of the senior instructors for the Institute of Real Estate Management on a national and international basis.  He chaired the committee that wrote the Insurance and Risk Management course that is now known as the Managing the Physical Asset course.  Much of the material for this course came from his own personal courses he has conducted.  He also teaches Investment Real Estate Tools and the three part Investment Real Estate financing & Valuation course. He also teaches the mandatory Ethics for the Real Estate Manager. In his career he has sponsored over 30 CPMs in obtaining the valued designation.


Paul utilized his expertise with the CCIM Ward Center for Real Estate Studies to create the Center’s course on Cost Segregation. He taught commercial real estate brokers, owners and investors around the country through CCIM chapters and the National Association of Realtors value of utilizing this tool to defer income taxes. The CCIM spreadsheets are used to demonstrate the projected improved cash flow and deferred taxes for a case study. 



Paul was selected as one of only 5 instructors in the country to train the 1,700 Leasing Specialists and Lease Contracting Officers of the General Services Administration of the federal government and also the agencies that procure commercial space on their own.  He trains them in determining the space needs, conducting the space search, preparing the request for lease proposals (RLP), soliciting offers, negotiating the leases,  awarding the leases and working through the construction process.  He is able to help  property owners complete the myriad number of government forms to properly respond  to RLPs.


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